Vlad Ellis
Software Engineer Bristol, UK me@ellisvlad.com ellisvlad
About Me
I'm currently a student at the University of Bristol studying Computer Science and Electronics (MEng)

I'm in my third year with one more to go
(Graduate June 2019)
Professional experience in a wide range of subjects:

Low-Level System Security, Server Networking, Game AI Logic, B2C Demo Software, Game/Video Dynamic Graphics
I keep myself busy with lots of personal projects:

programming projects, websites, electronics experiments, YouTube videos, streaming dev on Twitch, etc.

Find me almost anywhere online under the alias "ellisvlad"
(a.k.a. Ellis)
Current interests:

Security, Game Development, Distributed Computation, Networking, Latency Pedantic Video Transoding, Low-Level Data Interaction
Lots of experience with kernels, threads, networking, graphical programming, etc. on Microcontrollers, Desktops, Servers... even the Nintendo DS and Wii!
A decade of experience on making games using OpenGL, high performance servers and cloud systems, game plugins and mods, screen capture and streaming tools, etc.

Professional experience working with both Intel and Masm syntax of x86 and Armv8-A and Thumb instruction sets on Arm devices

A good understanding of proper web developer practices for many common frameworks and libraries
Too many other languages to list them all. To name a few...

PHP, GML, SQL, Python, Pascal, Actionscript 2.0/3.0, Swift, Objective C++, C#, Haskell, etc etc.
Formal Education
  • Mathematics - A
  • Further Maths - A
  • Computing - A
  • Physics - B
  • Advanced Computing - A
  • Mathematics - A
  • Physics - B
  • English Literature - A*
  • English Language - A
  • Mathematics - A
  • Electronics - A
  • Physics - A
  • Drama - A
  • Diploma in Digital Applications - Merit

  • European/International Computer Driving Licence - Pass
Digital Tree Media
Feb 2017 - Present

Started as a privately contracted DevOps Engineer; working on virtualisation/containerisation.

Pivoted to work on Minecraft game-client modifications for events working with Windows Server and network zero-touch deployments of custom Windows 10 images for several "Insomnia Festival" expos in Ireland, Glasgow and Manchester.

Worked on "CubePass" RFID wristband integration into the Minecraft game client.

2015 - present

My main hobby project at the moment is preparing Minecraft compatible server software that can perform large-scale world modifications and give easy region/world exporting and importing to a variety of different formats.

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Prepared a secure software solution for Cortex-M devices to manage assets using vendor-provisioned access control tables.

2013 - 2016

As their first developer, I was given a lot of operational freedom, I mainly worked on festival and event game-client deployment systems and dynamic graphical interfaces for consumers to experience the "Minecraft Gameshow" servers.

I prepared and maintained the infrastructure for Noxcrew Gameshow Live, a Twitch/YouTube series of production quality Minecraft Minigames.

Was an exhibitor and technical lead at festivals and events including many "Insomnia" Gaming Festivals and "Minecon 2015", where I maintained booths of 30+ computers and prepared game-status aware interfaces that generated dynamic graphics to be shown for stage performances.

Jul 2016 - Sept 2016

Implemented a DRM solution for mobile devices with integration of Arm's TrustZone Technology and proposed examples along with applicable modifications for the Linux kernel and Android images for integration of Google's "Trusty TEE".

2012 - 2015

Experimental hobby project to learn more about the internals of Windows and Linux executable files. OXY is a programming language orginally written using LLVM before being fully migrated to C++.

OXY aimed to allow developers to make feature-rich applications and games using powerful language-provided abstractions. It was designed to be a quick turnover language, letting a developer implement graphical interfaces very quickly and with few lines of code.